Our challenge

Finding home addresses in the Algarve is a daily difficulty. This does not only apply to deliverers and couriers, but also to emergency services. Despite GPS coordinates, these services often find it impossible to reach people on time or within a time that is reasonable.

There are different reasons for this. It is a fact that in most areas, street names or house numbers are unavailable. Added to this is the fact that currently only 15 % of the ambulances are equipped with navigation systems.

The use of navigation systems is further complicated due to the fact that, depending on the manufacturer of the equipment, maps often lack details such as the dirt roads leading to houses. This means that a house cannot always be found when solely relying on GPS coordinates.

Once the house is eventually reached, the resident may not speak Portuguese, while the rescuer only knows moderate English. Considering that there are 70,000 foreigners living in the Algarve, this inevitably leads to misunderstandings. The language barrier can be so great that misunderstandings may lead to fatal consequences.

Our Motto: iMergencies - close to the people, modern and professional.

Whether there is a fire, an accident or a medical emergency, employees ECDE International are ready for their members 24/7. They act decisively in a calm and professional manner using the latest technology available.

Due to our excellent education and tremendous dedication, you can rely on a quick response. You will come to appreciate our staff as reliable and multilingual partners. We have strong partnerships with emergency services such as the fire department, ambulances and police. During emergency interventions, ECDE International has a coordinating role. In doing so, we safeguard and contribute to public safety in the Algarve for both humans and animals - at any given time.

Our high standards

Our staff members are well-trained professionals. Regular training ensures continuous professional and social skills. Quality management and supervision stimulates professionalism and encourages a high level of morale for our personnel. Our employees are bound by the law of confidentiality. This means that an employee may not pass on any information about our clients unless, under strict conditions, it is required during an emergency.

Our founding principle

We believe in the principle of mutual trust applied in a network of medical and health services whereby we closely cooperate with all parties involved. We consider the relatives and friends of our members to be experts and key partners.


Our story

The story of ECDE International
February 2006

Dutchman Mark Rink starts a working group with the aim of developing cost free solutions to emergency services while at the same time minimizing problems caused by the language barrier. The working group ECDE (Em Caso The Emergenência / in case of Emergency) with members from three different countries, each with their own specific knowledge, took on the challenge. ECDE worked for two and a half years on relationships and concepts.

October 2009

A developed concept was approved by all parties and authorized for execution. A search was started for language proficient experts who were able to implement the concept, think of enterprise development (business development) and risk management (risk management in the collective environment) who could implement the concept as of May 1st 2010.

May 2010

ECDE International Lda, branded as a company named " iMergencies ", officially launched their operations on May 1st , 2010.


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