iMERGENCIES - ECDE International

Our Mission Statement

At ECDE International our mission is:

  • to act as a compassionate intermediary between our member community and governmental medical services during any unexpected emergency requiring medical assistance.
  • to leverage our proprietary, technologically-advanced database, routing and communications system to the advantage of our members;
  • to maintain the highest quality standards in all member and business relationships


Our Values

At ECDE International we always…

  • are committed to the concerns of our members
  • act responsibly and with compassion
  • are respectful, fair and honest in all our endeavors

Our Commitment


  • To maintain the highest quality service at affordable prices
  • To maintain the highest standards of security and discretion
  • To be always trustworthy
  • To always act with integrity


  • To identify and establish relationships with other entities that will enhance their endeavors, as well as, the services provided to our members
  • To act toward these entities with the same high standards afforded our members


  • To create a warm, friendly, performance-oriented team environment in which tasks and responsibilities are willingly delegated.


  • To promote the free and responsible development of men and women
  • To support a market economy with fair competition
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