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What we do for Emergency Services

Our ASIS (Ambulance Support and Information System)

By working closely with the emergency services, Ambulance (INEM and Bombeiros) and the Red Cross (Cruz Vermelha), we optimize emergency assistance to our members.  We provide these organizations with digital satellite maps indicating exact driving routes to our members, significantly reducing arrival times.  In addition, the rescue workers have access to medical information regarding illnesses, allergies and current medications that may be crucial knowledge in a life-threatening situation.  These factors contribute to successful rescues.  Our hotline (808 911 112) for verbal emergency translation assistance in six languages is available 24/7

Benefits of emergency services

Bombeiros INEM

Reduce the response time
with exact route to your residence by using digitally-drawn satellite images.

Provide optimal medical care
with the availability of medical conditions.

Reduce potential misunderstandings
by verbal translation (English, Dutch, Finnish, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese)

Provide access to important/pertinent information
via a 24 / 7 online system available for emergency services free of charge.

Free for emergency services

The Ambulance Support and Information System, an on-going training program to understand how it works, and, verbal translation assistance is available to all of the emergency services and the Red Cross (Cruz Vermelha) FREE OF CHARGE.

All data is protected against unauthorized accessiMERGENCIES by ECDE International Corner-of-Trust

Our system, ASIS (Ambulance Support and Information System), for emergency rescue and follow-up, contains data which is directly accessible by the emergency services.  This data is protected against unauthorized access and encrypted twice.

 The future of fast rescue

Emergency - Button with Satellite Support

Our unique system for the emergency services has expanded with the addition of another rescue tool.  In April, 2011, following a six-month test period, our “panic button” was introduced.  This lightweight GPS and GSM module provides the exact position of the carrier and facilitates accurate rescues.

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