Your well-being is important to us

Kreislauf der Dienstleistungen iMergencies - ECDE InternationalWith your membership in ECDE you are a member of the organization, with their interpreters and technology specialists, as well as a supporter of the “Life Savers”. These are the various government ambulance services, and, the professional and volunteer firefighters (Bomeiros Voluntarios). To complete the circle, iMERGENCIES - ECDE International also maintains close contact with doctors, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, the Red Cross and selected Home Care services.


  • Optimization of time and reduction of access routes for Emergency-Services
  • Reduction of medical and linguistic misunderstandings
  • Effective support for the "well-being and recovery process"

When it comes to saving lives, this teamwork provides the desired efficiency and effectiveness. With your membership fee to encourage further technological advances needed for the benefit of people in medical emergencies. And you support; the Ambulance Support and Information System (ASIS),  providing training and refresher-courses about how our system works, and our verbal translation assistance is available to all emergency services and the Red Cross (Cruz Vermelha), all free of charge.

Your immediate membership benefits:

Reduction of the response time
as the Emergency Services are provided digitally-drawn satellite images of the exact route to your residence

More effective emergency medical care
as the Ambulance Services have knowledge in advance of your medical issues

Reduce potential misunderstandings
by verbal translation in 7 languages

Availability of all your pertinent information
via access by the Emergency Services to a 24/7 online system

Hospital transport arrangements
are coordinated to the hospital of your choice, even if in your home country

Pet Care arrangements
are coordinated with pet care-takers of your choice

Free “Care Card” from Hospital Particular do Algarve
and as a member of ECDE you save EUR 50.--. (more information click here)



- iMediate Care® - specially for Residents and Longterm-Visitors
- iMediate RescueMe®- specially for people they live alone or people with special needs
- iMediate ChildSafety® - for parents with children
- iMediate TouristCare®- for serious Holiday-House-owners

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