Medical Support without any language barrier.

iMediate Care®   - The Solution for Resident and longterm-Visitor

What we do for you

The inclusion of your personal data in our systemcouple beach 400

  • Residential address / residence
  • Emergency contact in the country of origin
  • Your blood group
  • Required medications: (e.g., beta blockers, insulin, blood thinners, antidepressants, etc.)
  • Allergies: (For example: Penicillin; Iodine; Gluten; etc.)
  • Phone number and address ofthe Family Doctor
  • Religious needs
  • Special instructions

This data is compiled separately for each Partner Organisation (Emergency Services and Police (GNR, PSP)) to ensure that your privacy is guaranteed.

The collection of precise coordinates and the route to your residencemap

With modern technologies ECDE uses satellite images to draw an accurate access route to your home. This information is also protected against abuse and will only be available for Partner Organisations.




The provision of an emergency card and vehicle decalsEmergencyCardNew1

As a member of our organisation, you will receive an emergency card to put in your wallet and a sticker to place on the windshield of your vehicle. Carry your card with you whenever possible, so you can easily be recognized by Emergency Services as a member of ECDE.

Access to a limited part of the data system for EmergencyServices and hospitals on a highly secured data linepositivessl

24 hours / 7 days a week, Partner Organisations have access to a small portion of the data system via a highly secure data line, so that the emergency information and directions are always available for them.


Verbal translation services in emergency situations 24 / 7

If someone is the victim of an accident, he/she has enough to worry about. Often the victim is unable to provide the required information or answer important questions to the Emergency Services. In such difficult situations, linguistic misunderstandings can easily arise.

ECDE can help in these situations to avoid potential misunderstandings. Our staff can communicate with you in your own language and/or act as interpreter between you and the Emergency Services.

Emergency contacts in home country 24/7


In an emergency ECDE will inform your family or relatives in your home country in the native language and act as a contact or intermediary as long as necessary.




Care of animalsHundKatze_DW_Wissen_612254p

In case of an emergency, Emergency Services will inform us of your current situation and ECDE can ensure the well-being of your pet(s). If it is not possible to communicate with you in a difficult situation, ECDE will act according to the instructions you previously provided.

Basically, ECDE will inform your home caretaker (e.g., friend/acquaintance; gardener; neighbor; etc.) that you are unable to temporarily take care of your pet(s).  If no previous arrangements have been made ECDE can ensure that your animals are collected and cared for.

Our system ASIS (Ambulance Support and Information System)

Our pride is the unique information system for emergency and follow-up. It contains data which are always immediately and freely available to the emergency services. The data is protected against unauthorized access and encrypted two times. Our unique system for ambulance services and the police knows no bounds.



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