iMergencies Algarve Portugal. Medical Assistance also during your holidays.

 iMediate TouristCare®    Villa and Hotel Service


                                     - The Solution for serious Guest-House-Owners


Excellent solution to:ambu_call

  • in an emergency quickly be found by emergency services
  • eliminate misunderstandings / language barriers


Benefits for your guestsYour weelbeying in holidays is important to us

Reducing the response time
with exact route to your residence by using satellite images digitally marked.

Reduction of potential misunderstandings
by verbal translation into 6 languages

Availability of required information
by 24 / 7 online system (ASIS) available for emergency services.

Transport to the hospital of your choice, including your homecountry 
here we can arrange, coordinate and inform


The emergency card for your guests

Guests will each receive an emergency card. This card is made of plastic and is similar in size to a credit card. The front of the card contains the ECDE identification and emergency numbers of the ambulance and ECDE Operation Center (EOC). On the back you will find details of multilingual doctors near the holiday accommodation, the spoken language is usually indicated by the abbreviations EN, NL, DE, PT, FR and ES




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Verbal translation services in medical emergencies

24/7 we care

If someone is the victim of an accident, he/she has enough to worry about. Often the victim is unable to provide the required information or answer important questions to the Emergency Services. In such difficult situations, linguistic misunderstandings can easily arise.

ECDE can help in these situations to avoid potential misunderstandings. Our staff can communicate with you in your own language and/or act as interpreter between you and the Emergency Services 24/7.


You want to play it safeSatellite support Emergency - Button

(We also rent high-tech on a weekly basis)

Withe our solution iMediate RescueMe ® your guests have a 24/7 service witch is independent of the holiday accommodation. Wherever urgent medical help is needed, your guests will be located by telephone and satellite data (GPS) and the equipment will call simultaneously our Operation Center (EOC). This is the most optimal way for individuals to be identified and located. In this way can adequately respond to every kind of (medical) emergency. read more

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