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Overview iMediate RescueMe®

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                                     The "Alarm-Button" of ECDE International, a technological marvel

ECDE Alarm-Button The reliable "Alarm-Button" is a portable solution with integrated GPS / GSM Cellphone-technology. Exact coordinate object are recorded by GPS and transmitted via SMS or GSM / GPRS. In an emergency by pressing the red Alarm-Button, help via direct voice call or SMS can be requested. The solution is configurable depending on the intended use. The device is very handy, has a high quality design and a durable battery. Whether persons supervised or emergency calls to be established, the application range is unlimited.

The GeoFencing function allows the creation of "protected zones". Once the device leaves the selected radius or enters, alarm messages are sent. The alarm button has a very sensitive GPS receiver and can also be used in critical environments. Generally, the device is an advanced solution for both the private and for business use as well for use in extreme situations.




Not to small. Perfect size and lightweight, easy to handle also in stressful situations.AlarmButton Neu 2

  • Combination of newest GPS a-GPS and GSM / GPRS technologies
    (U-BLOX Switzerland)
  • GPS Sensitivity -160dBm, 50-channels
  • Real-time monitoring over the Internet
  • Enhanced security through GeoFencing
  • Battery warning via SMS to support the device-holder
  • Reception also in critical environments
  • Various modes (for example, sleep and alarm mode)
  • and the absolute particularity: the "ManDown function"
    (automatic alarm at an inclination of more than 45 degrees, Man down function: movement sensor for fall detection and power saving)


ECDE Alarm-Button Ambulanz GPS

  • Alarm button for data and voice transmission
  • Voice calls (supported from EOC in 7 different languages)
  • Loudspeaker
  • Polygonal Geofence zones
  • Parking function
  • Silent call (especially needed in case of a robbery)
  • Modem emulation
  • Remote control by SMS


A-GPS services integrated

GPS users expect instant position information. With standard GPS this is sometimes not possible because at least four satellites must be identified, and their complete orbital position data, called Ephemeris, received. These services boost GPS acquisition performance for devices with or without network connectivity.


CellLocate integrated

Although GPS is a widespread technology, GPS positioning is not always possible, particularly in shielded environments such as indoors and enclosed park houses, or when a GPS jamming signal is present. The situation can be improved by augmenting GPS receiver data with mobile network cell attributes to provide a level of redundancy that can benefit numerous applications.


Backup if the device fails with ASIS

If a case happens at home and the device fails, the rescue-Services allready know where you are and your location if you call by Landline.You allways have the choice to call the Emergency-Number from the iMERGENCIES - Operations-Center (provided on your personal Emergency-Card) or to call 112 directly.

Click on the following link for more information about ASIS.  Link: (Ambulance Information- and Support-System)



This Alarm-Button is made in Europe.


Communication with the needy person

ECDE Operations Centre

When an alarm is triggered, we can get together with the exact location in contact with the needy person. Is it possible to speak with the needy person, we will keep as long as the contact with the needy person until such time as an ambulance or help arrives.





A unique service for the Algarve

SoS Alarm-Button ECDE

 By pressing the alarm button: The ECDE - Operation Center (EOC) detects the exact location from the needy person. The 112 emergency call center will be contacted and the digital maps and medical information to the emergency call centre 112 will be transmitted.

Our services are currently on the Algarve, Portugal. Other zones (Europe) are available for advance booking.




Option robberyECDE Operations Centre (EOC) Algarve, Portugal

This option allows an alarm to a special number to ECDE - Operation Center (EOC). The exact location of the victim is determined by the EOC and a "silent call" will be made ​​to the device. The environment of the victim can be intercepted and recorded. With the "silent call" is simultaneously a conference call with the local police prepared and the GPS coordinates will be transmitted. The situation of the attack can be analyzed continuos and the police can respond appropriately.




Functions Alarmbutton

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